Annual Report 2022

Annual Report 2022

Cross Reference table for annual reporting requirement

The following list of cross references identifies where each item required for us to disclose in our yearly financial report can be found in this Annual Report.

Source of Requirement





Article 2:391 DCC, RJ 400, RJ 405


Report on the Company’s activities


Shareholder Letter



Presentation of the Group


Corporate structure


General Description of the Company and its Share Capital


Board of Directors report


Corporate Governance


Primary risks and uncertainties


Risk Factors


Risk appetite & control


Risk Appetite & Control


Analysis of financial condition and results


Operating and Financial Review


Information on research and development activities


Our Products and Product Candidates



Collaboration Agreements



License Agreements – General


Forward looking paragraph


2023 Outlook


Compensation statements and remuneration report


Remuneration Report and Compensation Statement

RJ 430


Key figures, ratios etc.


Operating and Financial Review

Article 2:392 DCC/RJ 410


Auditor’s opinion


Attached to the 2022 Annual Report included herein


Articles of association on the distribution of profits


Articles of Association on Profits, distributions and losses


List of subsidiaries


Company Profile – Group Structure

Decree on contents of board report
(Besluit inhoud bestuursverslag),
Article 2:391 sub 5 DCC


Corporate governance code comply-or-explain


Dutch Corporate Governance Code, “Comply or Explain”


Main elements of financial management & control systems in connection with the company’s financial reporting


Financial Risks and Controls


Functioning of the general meeting


General Meeting and Voting Rights


Composition and functioning of the board of directors and its committees


Board of Directors



Non-Executive Directors

Article 10 Decree
Takeover Directive
(Besluit artikel 10 overnamerichtlijn),
Article 2:391 sub 5 DCC


Capital structure


General description of the Company and its Share Capital


Principal shareholders


Share Classes and Principal Shareholders


Particular shareholder rights and limitations thereof


General Meetings and Voting Rights


Procedure for appointment of board members


Management Structure


Procedure for amending the articles of association


Amendment of Articles of Association


Authority of the board of directors to issue or acquire shares


Issue of Shares



Acquisition of Shares in our Capital


Material arrangements, to which the company is a party, in relation to a public offer


Anti-Takeover Provisions

RJ = Guidelines on Annual Reporting (Richtlijnen voor de Jaarverslaggeving)