Annual Report 2022

Annual Report 2022

Legal Information on the Company


We were incorporated on April 25, 2008 in the Netherlands and under Dutch law. Our commercial name is ‘argenx’ and since April 26, 2017, our corporate name is ‘argenx SE’. We are a Dutch European public company (Societas Europaea or SE) registered with the trade register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 24435214. Our corporate seat is in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and our registered office is at Laarderhoogtweg 25, 1101 EB Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Our telephone number is +31 (0) 10 70 38 441. Our website address is

Our European legal entity identifier number (LEI) is 7245009C5FZE6G9ODQ71. Our ordinary shares are listed on Euronext Brussels under ISIN NL0010832176 under the symbol “ARGX”. The ADSs are listed on Nasdaq, under the symbol “ARGX”.

Statutory/Corporate Objective

Pursuant to Article 3 of our Articles of Association, our corporate objectives are: (a) to exploit, including all activities relating to research, development, production, marketing and commercial exploitation; biological, chemical or other products, processes and technologies in the life sciences sector in general, and more specifically in the diagnostic, pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic, chemical and agricultural sector; (b) to design and develop instruments which may be used in medical diagnosis and affiliated areas; (c) the worldwide distribution of, sale of and rendering services relating to our products and subsidiaries directly to customers as well as through third parties; (d) to incorporate, to participate in any way whatsoever, to manage, to supervise, to operate and to promote enterprises, businesses and companies; (e) to render advice and services to businesses and companies with which we form a group and to third parties; (f) to finance businesses and companies; (g) to borrow, to lend and to raise funds, including the issue of bonds, promissory notes or other securities or evidence of indebtedness as well as to enter into agreements in connection with the aforementioned; (h) to render guarantees, to bind us and to pledge our assets for obligations of the companies and enterprises with which we form a group and on behalf of third parties; (i) to obtain, alienate, manage and exploit registered property and items of property in general; (j) to trade in currencies, securities and items of property in general; (k) to develop and trade in patents, trademarks, licenses, know-how and other industrial property rights; and (l) to perform any and all activities of industrial, financial or commercial nature, as well as everything pertaining the foregoing, relating thereto or conductive thereto, all in the widest sense of the word.